Our History

In the year 1942, a young man coming from Lamela, a village located in the region of Pontevedra (Spain), arrived to Buenos Aires with nothing more than his entrepreneurial spirit and dreams to create a future in this new land.

Once settled in Argentina, he found out that his wine distribution, by horse and carriage, business grew big enough to help his family and friends coming from Spain, to whom he could give them a job and a place to live. This is how Galan Wines born, as a fractionating and distributor company.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, in 1972 converted his first field bought in San Martin (Mendoza) into a wine estate with the implantation of fine varieties. The grapes produces in this estate started to be vinify in the Cellar that was inaugurated in 1977, in Alto Verde, in the same province

During the following years, he continued transforming his fields bought into wine estates, and then his innovating vision took him to Lujan de Cuyo, in search of new terroirs. In Ugarteche he found the lands that would give him the diversity he was looking for.

Nowadays, Galan receives the grapes coming from their own farms and also from small producers that combine their efforts in order to make genuine and representative wines from the different regions, honoring the legacy of Don Antonio, and respecting his values, effort, hard and honest work, and his vision.

About Us

Our family company is currently being conducted by the second generation, with the support and experience of the members of the first generations and the new energy that comes from the third generation.

We work as a team, respecting the values that were defined by the elder ones, in harmony with the environment, also trying to be useful to society and orienting our efforts to the permanent innovation.

Our commitment is with the quality and satisfaction of our consumers, taking into account were we came from and the horizon we seek for the future. We keep on moving


Our Cellar is located in Alto Verde, Departure of San Martin (east zone of Mendoza). It has the capacity to produce 30.000.000 liters of wine annually and 28.000.000 liters in vessels.

It has the right technology to grant the production process and the correct stowage of the wines, obtaining vine with international level.

It also has a fractionating plant with the capacity needed to bring speed and security to the final presentation of the product.


Our own vineyards are located in different production zones, adding up to a total of 1.000 implanted hectares, and they are distributed in the following way:

In the zone of Las Catitas, Santa Rosa, and San Martín, the implanted varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, Pedro Ximenez, Ugni Blanc, Chenin, Tocai, and Torrontés.

In the zone of Ugarteche and Luján de Cuyo, the implanted varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Chardonnay, Chenin, Riesling, and Viogner

We also recieve grapes from small producers that, under our technical command, produce them every year with the guaranty of a fair retribution to their work.

In every case, the plantation from our farms are, at least, 40 years old, which guaranties production with high quality, volume and consistency year after year.


Our high capacity of elaboration allows us to achieve products well defined for the markets were we participate. For the domestic market we elaborate products in different presentations for a direct sale or through retail stores.

Meanwhile, we take part in export markets that demand quality and volume, reaching the continents of Asia, Europe and North America.

We also elaborate bulk vines for export and for the internal market of transfer wines, and today, our cellar is one of the most important producers of Argentina.